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CLIPS Management’s founder Mr. Jin was invited by Mobius Academy, a well-known education institution specializes in Interior Design and Illustration Design for a live sharing on Mental Health Issues. 63 participants from the academy joined the session for the purpose of understanding what is mental health and some of the possible causes of mental disorders.

With the increasing number of Malaysia’s population suffering from mental health issues, this is a timely collaboration where the awareness of lecturers and students with regards to mental health issues can be significantly improved. Mr. Jin shared about 16 root causes of mental health issues and 10 warning symptoms for seeking help. The sharing was well received by the audiences and many questions have been raised for deeper level of understanding which ended after 90 minutes of active interactions.

The extra effort in raising the awareness on mental health issues by CLIPS Management and Mobius Academy reflected the contribution in social responsibilities for reducing public’s wrong perception about mental disorders as well as promoting better understanding on some of the proper ways in handling them.