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This is a professional counseling and mentoring center

CLIPS Management was founded in 2004 by Mr. Jin Tsen Siew. He is a qualified licensed and registered counselor with double master degree in counseling and business management. He has accumulated more than 17 years of mentoring and counseling experience with over 2000 contact hours.

From 2012-2015, Mr. Jin was also the Dean of Academy of an established private college with more than 600 students, and introduced the concept of EduMentoring as a new form of learning for students. With deep passion in people development, Mr. Jin has vast experience ranging from lecturing, training, organizing camps, study trips, and various activities that helped many people to transform and enjoy a meaningful life.

MCouns (OUM) / MBA (Strathclyde) / BASS (ACAP) / DipM (CIM)
Registered and Licensed Counselor: KB09633 / PA09260

Mr. Jin has a friendly and caring personality, capable of speaking English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia fluently, which you will find easy to talk to and work with.

  • Consultant/Trainer for corporate clients such as Michelin Malaysia, Mobius Academy, Dinasau Academy, Young Aces Technical College, Talento Academy, Life Line Association Malaysia
  • Trainer for Volunteer at MAPPAC (Malaysian Association of Paediatric Palliative Care)
  • Camp Master for Art & Soul Camp (since 2011)
  • Founder of the concept of “EduMentoring”


Free for those who have critical financial difficulties.(Contact us for registration before appointment. Terms & conditions apply)

What is so unique about CLIPS Management?

The most outstanding part of CLIPS Management is the people, the culture and the feeling, which you may never find it elsewhere. The way Mentoring is conducted here is a unique blend of personality and style from Mr. Jin, emphasizing on :

Positive human values

Family relationship and bonding

People development and potential

Genuine care and helping others


CLIPS Mentoring’s services include:

Public camps and workshops

Corporate training for organizations

What is Mentoring? Why do we need it?

Mentoring is a powerful personal support provided by a professional to help another person in his/her life.

We realized that many of us have “downtime” or “lost of direction” some time during our life, and not everyone close to us is able to listen or help us.

The main purpose of Mentoring is to help people to live a happier life through positive and personal support in the form of Mentorship, without the financial stress, logistic hassle or inconvenient timing.

We specialize in helping our clients on these 8 areas of problems


Suffering from depression


Feeling insecured and worried


Suffering from panic attack


Having low self-confidence and self doubt


Suffering from anxiety disorder


Feeling guilty and self-blame


No feelings or feeling emptiness


Lost of life’s direction, confused, unhappy and suffering in psychological pain

By meeting the Mentor, the person will get the following benefits:

  • To live a happy and meaningful life.
  • Become energized and thrive in life.
  • Understand deeper about themselves.
  • Realize their full potential.
  • Achieve specific goals in life.
  • Identify “stumbling blocks” in life.
  • Overcome difficult moments in life.
  • Rediscover direction in life.
  • Resolve conflicts with others.


“Sessions with Jin served as a safe avenue for me to process my thoughts and emotions. His methods are structured and customised catering to my needs, and I expecially liked how he applied a good combination of both guided and self-exploration approaches. Through our sessions I was able to gain valuable insights which helped me maneuver my challenges effectively. Thank you Jin!”
Weiwen Lim

我的儿子是一名 ADHD 的孩童。我觉得自己很幸运能有机会让袁老师协助与辅导我的儿子。袁老师是一名有耐心、负责任和爱心的心灵辅导师。我的儿子当袁老师是朋友,也是他述说心事的对象。每当我的儿子遇到解决不了的问题时或不开心的事情,他都会向袁老师请教和倾诉。他把袁老师当作朋友,知己。他的心灵得以平伏,冷静。日子久了,我的儿子 EQ 也明显有了改进和改善。不再躲在一个角落自残作为发泄。我衷心感谢袁老师的帮助。
Tay Fong

Mr. Jin 很有耐心以及非常用心聆听当事者的心声,从中找出问题的根源,帮助当事人发现自己不知道的问题所在,对症下药。经过 Mr. Jin 的辅导,完全改变了我们夫妻的感情生活,让我们重新找回失去的信任与爱,得以能够拥有幸福甜蜜的生活。这一路走来谢谢 Mr. Jin 的努力和帮助,愿意相信我们能够改变和进步,造就今天的我们,我们无限感激,无限感恩!

Jojo Young

感恩遇到CLIPS Management,让我知道在”恢复”的旅途不孤单。CLIPS Management 给顾客的服务是另类的,亲人都未必做得到。怎么说呢?和 Mr Jin 交谈,有一种和谐的磁场的感觉,因他传遞过来的是一种舒服的温度。再说,Mr Jin 的耐心聍听,扶持和鼓励,让绝望的人,又充满希望。他给予顾客的关爱是无私的,这点就比其它方面的辅助来得有效。再次感谢CLIPS Management 出现在我的生命里。

Jennie Lim

Thanks to CLIPS Management, I’ve managed to control my anxiety even better and it definitely helps to view life in better perspectives which really changed my life. During the mentoring, Mr Jin would share some helpful tips that you need to deal with the problems and get you back on track! For me, it’s a really good and positive eye opening experience. 🙂

Nina Tan Ae Lin

Jin is an incredibly patient and attentive counsellor. He noticed things about myself that even I didn’t acutely realise. He’s helped me get through a tough time in my life and I am very grateful for his assistance.
If you need some help getting unstuck or seeing the world in a different light, I’d definitely recommend Jin’s services. Thanks again!

David Eu

When you have low time in life, Mr.Jin always here to give best advice to motivate you for life.
He has very good patience on listening to our problems and analyze our source of troubles/problems. Thank you Mr.Jin for keeping giving us best solution for life ! Cheers!

Selena Loong

Mr. Jin 是一位很用心的專業導師, 可信任的對象, 跟他交流亦師亦友無有隔膜, 跟他交談會帶來另一番見解啟發; 他是一位很好的聆聽者同時會不斷跟進個人狀態, 不時給予支持輔助。
如您尋求一位聆聽者/良師益友, 為您推薦這裡。

Pui San

Mentoring is merely a word that could only describe the tip of the iceberg of what Jin could do. Be a part and be mesmerised, transformed and renewed!

Joel Kuan

He is an excellent counselor and good listener. He is patient and he helps me to go through some bad times past few years ago.. He always keep ppl around him think positive and be motivation. Who is HE? HE IS MR JIN! OUR PAPA JIN!
Because of you, I am on my way to be successful. Thank for everything, Mr Jin!♡

Carey Lim

Mr. Jin is an amazing counsellor who really delves deep into the root cause of our mental health issues. He has gone to great extents to help 5 of my friends whom i have recommended to him. And all 5 of them have told me their deep appreciation towards Mr. Jin who helped them overcome their fears, depressions and anxieties in life. He caters to every individual with a customised plan based on their needs and what fits them the most. He truly is a remarkable person who devotes his time, passion and expertise to every individual with sincerity, patience and care. I’ve met a few psychiatrists/psychologist and counsellors, but nobody has given that care and assurance as much as Mr. Jin. Thank you for everything that you have done!
Leroy Constantine Choong

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“How is Mentoring convenient to me, and how is it conducted?”

Mentoring can be easily conducted through face-to-face meet up in a convenient location, at any time convenient for you and the Mentor. Mentoring is conducted through face-to-face meeting, or mobile phone call or apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat or Line Chat, or through Facebook. The main point is, you can easily contact the Mentor and receive support whenever you need them.

“What is the difference between Mentoring and Counseling?”

Counseling is conducted by professionals intending to help clients through applying psychotherapy combining with listening skills, which is very expensive and usually for people who are having mental issues. Mentoring feels just like a close friend to you, trusted and reliable. People meet Mentor for many reasons, through simple chat and understanding the client, Mentor helps each client to analyze and solve problems in a casual but professional manner, at a convenient place/time, without the expensive charges.

“What does it mean by Professional Mentoring Services?”

Professional means we keep record on every client’s personal profile and conduct the necessary analysis as well as follow-up in a proper manner. This will ensure client’s information are well kept, protected and easy to retrieve for future reference.

“Why do I need to pay for it? Is it worth it?”

Well, the Mentor needs to allocate his time to meet every client and apply all his experience with proper preparation to help them, that’s why. Not to mention the Mentor also uses his resources and people networking in the process of mentorship.

“Why must the client pay by cash immediately after each session?”

The Mentor wants to be your helper, not a debt collector that needs to constantly remind client to pay up. And, the customer may not feel comfortable to seek the Mentor’s help when money is still owed, which eventually defeat the purpose of the Mentor in helping the client.

“How do I contact the Mentor?”

Just Whastapp us directly at 0123918661


3 Two Square, B-08-06
No 2, Jalan19/1, Seksyen 19
46300 Petaling Jaya,
+6012 391 8661

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(This is a professional Mentoring service in which all information disclosed and discussed throughout is handled with strict confidentiality)