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MCouns (OUM) / MBA (Strathclyde) / BASS (ACAP) / DipM (CIM)
Registered and Licensed Counselor: KB09633 / PA09260

Founder of CLIPS Management, Jin is a registered and licensed counselor from Malaysia who is launching a fundraising campaign.

Jin has now accumulated more than 2000 hours of face-to-face mentoring and counseling sessions (since 2004), with more than 75% of them were conducted completely free of charge!


Free for those who have critical financial difficulties. (Contact us for registration before appointment. Terms & conditions apply)

Over the years, Jin has succeeded in helping many people with different issues, from lost of life direction, to grief issues, to overcoming low point in life, or suffering from depression.

Origin of Free Counseling Services

It all started back in 2016, Jin offered a free counseling session to a client who was suicidal which ended up saving the client's life. This incident remarkably changed the way Jin look at the helping profession.

Later in 2018 (again in 2021), Jin saved the second client from the brink of suicide, twice! Another life has benefited simply because Jin's help was free!

These experiences made Jin realize about the crucial impact in offering free services, because not everyone is able to pay for it, or willing to seek help that comes with a price tag.

Unfortunately for many people, meeting a counselor or a psychiatrist is still not well understood or accepted in Malaysia.

Jin is determined to continue offering free counseling services but finding it challenging to sustain on his own especially during the current devastating pandemic environment.

CLIPS Help Fund

CLIPS Help Fund was setup to support Jin's effort in offering free services without any discrimination. All contributions will be used to support Jin each time a free counseling is conducted, or when resources are needed to support Jin's company to sustain.

Jin plans to continue offering his free services to the needy and hopes that one day he would be able to conduct mentoring and counseling services 100% FREE when contributions are adequately available.

The public may contribute to the company's
CLIPS Help Fund to support Jin's effort. Each time Jin conducts a free counseling session (1-2hrs), he will simply draw a token of RM100 from the fund for him to cover the cost of his business operation.

Those who are interested to support Jin may contribute directly into one of his accounts as listed below ⬇️



CIMB Bank (Malaysia):
CLIPS Management


Long-term contributors (monthly),
please click here👇🏼

Contribution come with a minimum of RM100 (for direct banking into CIMB bank account) or US$50 (for contributions made through PayPal), up to any other higher amount. Long-term contributors are the most helpful to us. You may contribute either one off (one time contribution) or long-term (consistently make contributions every month).

Before you start making any contributions, please read and understand important information below.

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness!

Information on Contributions

CLIPS Management is a privately owned company in Malaysia. It is not a charitable organization nor a non-profit association.

It simply conducts its business similar to a charitable setting due to its commitment in offering free services to the needy. Contributors who have doubts should not feel obligated to make any contribution.

The company will not publish its financial report or cash transaction at the end of each financial year. Instead, a simplified statistical report may be privately shared to all contributors. It is solely base upon professionalism, goodwill and trust.

All contributors should send a direct email to as notification immediately after each contribution has been made for administrative and record keeping purposes.

More About The Founder

  1. Jin's strong determination in helping others is mostly influenced by his difficult childhood and a series of setbacks he had experienced in the past.

  2. Jin's vision of the company is to provide mentoring and counseling services completely free in the future, with the support from more contributors.

  3. CLIPS Management has been sustaining over the years partly from Jin's professional services as well as the support from a small group of active, dedicated and long-term contributors.

  4. Jin is an experienced and licensed counselor "who is a double master degree holder"

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