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Success! Finally, the 2D1N Leadership Camp for SMJK Confucian was completed with a heart-warming closure for all. It was a memorable and meaningful event with lots of fun and challenging activities. May all who attended the camp become a great leader in the future. Deep appreciation for the whole team, it was indeed a wonderful experience working together! They are truly professional, hardworking, patient, smart, creative, and caring!

大功告成!尊孔华中两天一夜的 “领导者生活营” 终于完成了。它充满了美好的回忆与有意义的时刻,更是包含了有趣及富有挑战性的活动。希望全部有出席的人都将会成为出色的领导者!感恩这班一起工作,一起付出的委员,他们都很专业,勤劳,有耐心,聪明,有创意和有爱心