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Appreciation Dinner 20 May 2018

CLIPS Management organized a special dinner for all helpers during the recently concluded TYREPLUS Bosses Forum. All successful events require committed and hardworking people working together. Though it was a short gathering, it means a lot to all of us who took the effort to attend the dinner. Another dinner means another successful event and let’s hope there will be more opportunities to come for all of us to meet again. Thanks to all of you!


【克 • 理 • 思】主办了一个小型的特殊晚宴,给予全部帮助公司成功主办了刚刚完毕的 TYREPLUS 企业交流会的助手。成功的一个活动后面必定有一班不可缺少的得力人手。虽然这只是一个短短两个小时的聚会,对愿意抽时间参与的人来说就特别有意义。居然有一个晚宴就代表有成功的活动,而在这里希望将会有更多机会大家可以再聚的时刻。感恩,谢谢大家!