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Appreciative Dinner for Helpers – 17 December 2017

A successful event requires experienced and quality people to do the work. These are some of the finest group of helpers that work closely with CLIPS Management.

One of the unique features of CLIPS Management is the emphasis on close bonding between people. Relationships are build over time, and from the continuous effort from everyone, a lasting connection that helps build trust, effective communication and high level work efficiency when conducting projects is therefore developed within the organization.

Whenever CLIPS Management organizes any events or camps, the support and help from all these helpers (and now friends and family) are always inspiring and touching. They work with full dedication, high level of energy, deep level of trust, and strong compassion without any complaint or excuses.

With a good understanding among people in the company and a harmonious culture, our team will be able to complete more meaningful and successful projects in 2018 and beyond!

(Also thanks a lot to those who couldn’t join us that night: Madeleine, Joell and Kelvin)

慰劳宴 – 2017年12月17日

一个成功的活动需要一班有经验和有质感的人去完成,他们都是和 [克 • 理 • 思] 一起并肩作战的小帮手们!

[克 • 理 • 思] 其中一项非常特别的地方在于,我们十分重视人与人之间的紧密结合。一段良好的关系需要时间去经营,当然也需要大家一同付出的努力。因此,在组织内建立一段持久的关系能够帮助建立信任感、有效的沟通和高水平的工作效率。

每当 [克 • 理 •思] 举办任何活动或是生活营时,小帮手们(如今已变成朋友和家人了!)的支持和协助都让我们感到十分感动和从中得到启发。他们都是一心一意,给予十足的活力同时完全的信任和毫无怨言地付出。


(在这里也顺便感谢当晚无法出席的朋友: Madeleine, Joell 和 Kelvin)