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The first “Character Building” workshop in 2023 for Young Aces Technical College was successfully completed on Valentine’s Day yesterday. A total of 20 students joined the workshop in which several new activities have been introduced and the effects were absolutely encouraging.

Students had fun and learned about having a positive character for a better future, while other critical traits such as “never give up” mentality, teamwork, effective communication, understanding their life’s direction were also incorporated into the program.

Overall, the experience has been wonderful especially when students succeeded in accomplishing almost impossible tasks unexpectedly, which was truly demonstrated the character of diligence, perseverance and the spirit of teamwork.

The workshop will not be possible without the dedicated support and trust from the college and staff. They consistently advocating the concept of molding a person’s character besides offering the fundamental academic knowledge. This is a remarkable and respectable stand from the college toward cultivating future generations that are excellent in a total package of skills, intelligence and wisdom!