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Mr Jin recently conducted a three days workshop that helps participants gain better understanding on self-awareness, self-healing and self-confidence over more than 12 hours of group activities.
Eight participants joined the program and through various meticulously planned activities, participants get to know each other better and learn from each other. From the skeptical and doubtful beginning up to the end when all participants truly see, understand and appreciate each other’s contribution, many life have transformed in that process.
The transition of participants from unknowing to realization is a powerful and sensational experience for all, including the facilitator. Participants learned about honesty, trust, forgiving, compassion, change, sincerity, courage and many more about life. The only regret is the limited time for all to share their stories and what they have learned.
More workshops will commence in the future and it is the hope of Mr Jin that those who have participated in the workshop and training programs will live a truly meaningful and happy life.