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Over the years, CLIPS Management have been using board games as a way to help certain clients in obtaining better understanding about life. Despite various wrong conception about board games and its effects on people, CLIPS Management is utilizing the unique features of board games to help some clients to improve thier life as well as to gain deeper understanding about themselves. Various skills can be gradually developed through playing specific types of board games, such as observational skills; social skills; communication skills; strategic thinking; planning skills; improving self-confidence, decision making skills, problem solving skills; self review; closer reationship or bonding with others; and many more.

Board game can be an ideal tool in which when it is used appropriately, it helps a person see a different world, in a fun and exciting way without the unnecessary stress or much undesired negative effects. In order to achieve a positive outcome using board games, the combination of the extensive understanding of board games, the investment of selective board games and the experience in psychology is crucial. Board game is easy to control and gamers are less likely to develop the addictive nature, it has vast varieties that can be chosen to target specific aspects on people development program.

Contact us if you are interested to know more about board games and wondering how it may help to improve your life, while enjoying lots of fun and laughter.


一直以來,【克 • 理 • 思】都一直运用桌游为一个特殊方法帮助某些客户改善他们的人生旅程。虽然有不少人对桌游依然有一些误解,【克 • 理 • 思】仍然运用了桌游的特点帮助了不少人更深一层的了解自己。通过桌游,人可以学习许多不同的技能,譬如:观察力、社交能力、人与人沟通能力、善用策略、策划能力、提升自信心、抉择能力、问题决解能力、自我了解、建立关系等等。