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This statement emphasized on the importance of what we choose to believe. It is therefore very crucial for us to be aware of what we believe in life, and understand how it affects the way we think, how we feel, how we make decisions and how it lead us to the future. By choosing what we believe with a clear and conscious mind (focusing on the good and positive path), we can decide and set our own life’s destiny toward the good and happy destination.

这个句子强调了 “我们选择相信什么“ 的重要性。因此,我们应该要知道自己人生的信念是什么,了解它到底会怎么样影响我们的思维和感受。同时,也要留意它如何影响我们的决定,并且如何带领我们走向未来。选择人生的信念必须要有一个清晰和自我意识高的头脑,同时也要专注在正面和良好的轨道。只有清晰的思维,我们才能够决定和订下真确的人生方向与命运,生活也因此更快乐了。

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